RebuildPinhook.org is a blog site dedicated to raising awareness of the efforts of displaced residents of Pinhook, Mo to relocate and rebuild their town. Pinhook, a town of about fifty residents, was completely destroyed when the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers elected to operate the Bird’s Point-New Madrid Floodway on May 2, 2011. A two-mile wide opening was blown in the levee in an effort to relieve high water levels at Cairo, Illinois. As a result, the houses of all the residents of Pinhook were flooded by water levels exceeding twenty feet.

Residents, led by Debra Tarver, Chairperson of Pinhook, have worked and campaigned for nearly five years to gain assistance in relocating and rebuilding their town. To this date, efforts to secure government assistance have not been successful — but Pinhook residents continue their campaign, unbowed and undeterred.

This blog site is authored and operated by Dr. Todd Lawrence (University of St. Thomas) and Dr. Elaine Lawless (University of Missouri) with the consent and collaboration of Debra Tarver and the displaced residents of Pinhook, Mo.

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