Displaced Pinhook Residents to Receive Financial Assistance Six Years After Levee Breach

Debra Pinhook Sign
Debra Tarver standing in front of newly erected Pinhook sign on Pinhook Day in May of 2017.

Please read this article from the Southeast Missourian discussing government assistance that will finally be provided to displaced Pinhook residents. Unfortunately, this assistance will not allow for the rebuilding of the town of Pinhook. Residents will be helped in rebuilding their homes individually — not as a community.

It is a bittersweet ending to the saga of Pinhook, MO. After six years of being displaced, residents will finally be able to rebuild their homes and go on with their lives, but they will have to do so wherever they can find land to build on or houses to purchase, not on a shared plot of land outside the Birds Point-New Madrid Spillway as they had hoped.

Regardless of this eventuality, Pinhook will remain (as the sign in the above photograph suggests) and the community will survive even if they will no longer be neighbors. We have seen the strength of this community as it has fought for justice. There is no reason to believe that the bonds of community will fail the people of Pinhook now or any time in the future.



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